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Frequently Asked Questions:  
Q:  How can I contact you if I have questions or would just like to discuss what you offer?
A:  You can email William Hartshorn at or call (310) 968-4650 or Paula Neil at or call (949) 735-0502 or email

Q:  What is an adventure?  
A:  A Photographic Adventure with William Hartshorn is a great experience and a chance to work on and improve your photography skills.  These are "adventures" not technical workshops.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer - joining one of these trips will get you to some great spots at the best times to get some great shots.  Tips, tricks and techniques will be shared to ensure that you capture some great images.  It is expected that you have some experience with your equipment.  Be sure to bring your equipment manuals if you might have any specific questions at any time.

Q:  What is included in the adventure fee?  
A:  Unless otherwise noted, the fee covers the adventure itself.  Included, is the coordination of the trip.  We will be getting to the best sites at hopefully the best times, and will assistance with setup, composition, or other questions as needed.  Hotel, transportation, entry fees, are all separate and additional. 

Q:  Is there a set schedule for where the adventure will be going to?  
A:  Hotels and overnight locations are usually set.  Specific schedules for locations of shoots are not published in advance.  As with any great "adventure", a big part of it is being flexible with the weather, lighting and available gifts from mother nature.  There is always a plan... but it is always advisable to stay open and flexible.

Q:  Carpooling?  
A:  Carpooling is always encouraged and we will help connect participants when appropriate to allow and coordinate.  Please be courteous and if you are carpooling - be sure to discuss and cover  the fuel costs with the drivers.

Q: Should I tip the instructors?
A: If you have enjoyed your trip and had a great experience, any gratuities or tips are always appreciated.  We truly appreciate you coming along for the adventure.

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